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PropertyCheck - Fully assured and in control

Do you sometimes feel pensive on how to best care for your property and home? Maybe you worry that you missed something that could cost you a lot of trouble and money in the future? With our new service PropertyCheck, you get professional help, of course adapted to you and your properties needs in order to help you to take care of your home.

  • Professional assessment of your Property
  • Concrete action proposals and recommendations
  • Energy saving proposals, based on existing heating system
  • Packed and ready in the House:ID app, actions and suggestions at your fingertip

How does a PropertyCheck work?

A PropertyCheck gets you the opportunity to, in the safe and calm environment of your home, raise your questions and concerns with a certified professional on properties. Together you inspect the property which result in concrete tips and advice on activities tailored to your unique property and your personal need and issues.


You will also get information about potential risks and consequences that may arise if something happens or is not remedied in time. This primarily applies to practical factors but in some cases also to economic ones.

* In corporation with Enspecta, read more here

The Expert will check the following areas

The ventilation system

In order for you to be confident that you and your family have a good living environment. we take a visual look at how the ventilation works and if there is anything you can do to improve the air in your home.


Moisture, drips and leaks are amongst the biggest causes of damage to our properties. The Check visually make sure that everything is alright and whether we see any direct risks of possible damage created by drips or leakage. We also measure humidity in the most sensitive constructions.

Energy saving

What improvements are there to be made in order to optimize your energy costs with existing units and materials in the home? A review is made and you receive suggestions for maintenance of the current heating system, as well as suggestions for investments going forward to further improve energy consumption.


We inspect the roof, facade and foundation to see if there is visible damage or risk of damage. We also give you tips and advice on what you should think about when it comes to maintenance and care of these parts of the house.

Products and materials

How can you optimize service life and avoid tedious consequences due to neglected maintenance on, for example, roofs, facades, paint, white goods, floor walls and basic construction?

Your questions

Of course, we answer your questions if there are any that are not covered by the other categories.

This will be the result of your PropertyCheck

Proposed measures

If, for example, your heat pump needs to be serviced within a year, a reminder will be created and also information about what and why you need to do it. Each action is displayed on a timeline and gives you an overall plan. For each individual measure, you will also receive tips and recommendations on a solution. If you do not want to do it yourself, there are also, in some cases, suggestions for experts in your area who can help you.

Products and Appliances

When something happens, it is good to keep track of information about selected products in your home. It is both about knowing the warranty period or, for example, buying spare parts easily. Therefore, we are happy to help and show you with registering products, uploading receipts and documents that are available, subject to time during your PropertyCheck.

Housing economy

Actions and investments that need to be made almost always cost something. Items that need to be replaced, installed or renovated usually involve some form of cost. The measures that arise are therefore summarized, which gives you an opportunity to plan your housing finances with confidence.

Prioritization over time

We all have different priorities and are prepared to take different risks. The housing expert who makes your PropertyCheck, lists measures and clarifies the consequences of not following the advice. This is the basis for the prioritization YOU make based on your conditions in dialogue with your property expert.
Through PropertyCheck you get advice and recommendations on how you, based on the existing building, can optimize the energy consumption for the home. Recommendations on activities that can save money and how you can recoup a possible investment and over what time.

This is how PropertyCheck works:

Once you have ordered the service, we will within 48 hours contact you to book a time that suits you to receive a visit from a housing expert. Then the following happens;

Before the visit:

We believe that the relationship is important for the result because before the visit you are informed about which housing expert is planned to come to your home and his contact information. You also get points to think about and what you need to prepare for the visit. Of course you also get the opportunity to send us areas or points that you are extra worried about or want extra information and coaching on. All to be able to optimize the time for the right things.

During the visit:

Our property expert now rings on your doorbell. We start by a sit down where we together go through how your PropertyCheck will continue. Our belief is that dialogue and common expectations is what gives you assurance and the best results. Together, we then make an ocular review of your home. Along the way, you have the opportunity to ask your questions and discuss the findings with the property expert.


The Check ends with you and the expert again sitting down to summarize a joint picture of the identified problems that already exist or may arise and what measures you will need to take to avoid problems, save money or increase the value of the home. All in all, your PropertyCheck is estimated to take between 1-2 hours depending on the housing conditions.

After the visit:

All information, measures, documents, product and material information and the expert’s notes are uploaded and structured into tasks in your House:ID app.

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What does it cost?

BostadsCheck Price BostadsCheck + BostadsCoach
Without basic information** at your account in the app
With basic information** at your account in the app


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    Frequently asked questions

    Is the price affected by how big a home I have?

    PropertyCheckis currently offered for villas, townhouses, chain houses and summer cottages. The price is independent of the size of the home. However, you can get a discount if you fill your ID, in the House:ID app, with information before the visit, so-called basic information. It makes it easier for your property expert to get a good picture of your property before the Check. It assures better advice and saves time for both of you. Less time – Less money – Better value. That’s how we think.

    What skills does the Expert who comes to my home have?

    The expert is exactly what is stated in the name. Except is a person with education, experience and top competence in houses, building materials, constructions, installations, energy and risk assessment.

    What distinguishes PropertyCheck from a so-called transfer inspection?

    The purpose of PropertyCheck is to make you feel ASSURED and to get the help and advice you need. The purpose of a transfer inspection is to be INSURED. Insurance is great but we rather know how to mitigate risk than wait for something to happen although being insured. Still a hassle when it happens. The big advantage of a PropertyCheck is that you get guidance in the form of tips, suggestions and recommendations on how to take care of your house. A PropertyCheck is a proactive service.

    Can I order a PropertyCheck even if I have not fed or collected any basic information in the ID of my property?

    Yes, regardless of whether you have a registered account and a verified ID filled with information or not, anyone who wants can order a PropertyCheck. But of course it makes it easier for all parties if you have an account.

    How do I receive the information from my PropertyCheck if I do not have an account with House:ID?

    Information and recommendations about possible measures are automatically uploaded to your property’s ID, together with the recommendations all connected to our library of maintenance plans and care information linked to your specific tasks. But, if you are not yet a House:ID user (you’ll soon be😉), information and recommendations always delivered in the form of a pdf document.

    What do I commit to when I order a PropertyCheck? Can I, for example, cancel?

    You can of course cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the agreed time. Thereafter, an administration fee of SEK 500 is paid.
    If you subscribe to BostadsCheck via a subscription, it can be transferred to the next owner when the owner of the home changes. Should you nevertheless wish to cancel the subscription before the service performed has been paid in full, the residual value is settled in a final invoice.

    What does PropertyCheck via a subscription plan mean?

    PropertyCheck via subscription means that the property is reviewed every three years, all for your assurance and the health of the property.

    For subscriptions, a fee per month is paid as an ongoing installment before the next PropertyCheck is due. The subscription can be transferred to the next owner. Should you nevertheless wish to cancel the subscription before the service performed is fully paid, the residual value is settled in a final invoice. If you would rather pay the full amount at one and the same time, you can of course do so.
    If you would rather pay the full amount at one and the same time, you can of course do so.

    Can I order PropertyCheck even if I do not have the House:ID app?

    Yes, you can definitely order a PropertyCheck without having the House:ID app or information on your property ID. But you get a lower price if you prepare. The reason is that without information, your PropertyCheck takes a little longer to perform and thus at a slightly higher price.

    BostadsCheck in collaboration with our partner

    Enspecta is an inspection company that works with energy, moisture and building technical issues. The company was founded in 2009 and our customers are both private and commercial. We place high demands on quality, accessibility and personal commitment and are characterized by having the most well-educated and educational staff in the industry. All consultants are trained engineers who have the ambition to constantly develop further. We convey knowledge, therefore pedagogy is a big part of our daily work.


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