Magically easy to own and take care of your home

Never again unsure of which accessory fits your fridge, if you have the right interest rate, where the inspection report is, if you have the right insurance terms, when the boiler was last serviced and so on.

You can be lazy, really lazy … Information is retrieved in most cases with AutoMagi (automatically) and prepares everything so that you magically easily can take the right action. All owned homes have a House: ID. Log in with BankID and get access to your residential ID for free. 

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Of course the highest security

House: ID matches the ownership of the home with BankID. This way, no unauthorized person will enter your account. Everything is saved on secure servers. House: ID also separates personal information from information that is the home. The home’s information remains on the House: ID for future owners to connect to when they are verified owners to the home. A perfect handover when you choose to leave your home.

Home Third

Swift atomization for easy comparison

Scan (EAN, E-number, Product number, Product name), Search (Brand, Product name, Category etc.). Or you, your craftsman or other partner of yours send an email with your information to unique e-mail of your House:ID. From all information saved on your House:ID we always try to connect it for you to easily take action when you need it.


2 million products, lots of drawings, protocols, certificates etc. to download

Our philosophy is that you should not do the job. That is why we in addition to our partner in real estate, energy inspection, construction, paint trade and house manufacturers are connected to all banks and insurance companies. This so that you easily can activate information on products from well-known brands such as Siemens, SMEG, Bosch Nordsjö, Samsung, FM Mattsson and many, many more. You can currently automatically retrieve and activate information on over 2 million products.


Magically easy to take care of your home

Never again feel insecure on which accessory fits your product, which color code it was painted with last time, and… House:ID is not about saving information. Just saving things does not help you in most cases? Instead House:ID the information that is retrieved at your request to your House:ID is digitized in order to empower you with the ability to get the help you need, in the right way, with the right information when you need it. All tools, e.g maintenance plans, good to-do tasks, planning for investments etc, to further support your efforts in maintaining and developing your property are free to use.

Home Sixth

Care for your home and earn bonus point

House:ID is about maximizing the benefits of being a homeowner while working to eliminate the disadvantages. Therefore, there is a bonus system that gives you bonus points for every receipt you save, every activity you do to maintain the home and every addition to your home you make. Simply put, everything you do to take care of and develop your home to get the best possible value development generates Bonus points. That’s our promise to you.


Inspiration, tips, guides and advice

Relax for 10 minutes and get inspiration and advice to develop your home by taking part in lots of articles, tips, guides and advice. Everything is done in collaboration with professional actors that you recognize. Always clearly marked who is the sender for your safety.

Home Eight

Easy for you and the next and the next and the next ...

Retrieve information about the products and services you have in your home or buy for your home such as materials, product information, warranties, receipts, photos and much more. As owner of a property you get complete control of your home. Not only that you will get superpowers in upgrading your home meanwhile you live there and as a result silently prepare the perfect handover to the next owner of your home.


Premium gives you an extra gear!

House:ID is free for all homeowners and it should be, but there is also Premium which gives you an extra gear. With premium, you get full access to all our functions and you can feel confident that you get the most out of House:ID.

  • Access to all homes you own
  • Automatic and free retrieval of information from all payment sources
  • Double bonus points Unlimited
  • Almost infinite storage space
  • Invite unlimited people

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