House:ID makes it easy for you to own and take care of your home

Once you have installed the House:ID app, you, for example, never again have to be unsure about which spare part or accessory fits your fridge, if you have a competitive interest rate, where your inspection protocols are, if you have the right insurance terms or when the boiler is serviced and much more.

Lean back, and relax. Let your ID do the work for you.

Selected information can be retrieved in most cases with AutoMagic (automatically) and magically prepares everything for you to easily choose the right action when needed. All privately owned homes have an ID. Just log in using your BankID and get access to your property ID free of charge.

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Do you have thoughts about your home’s ventilation, water, energy, products or the condition of the building? Then our new, upcoming service PropertyCheck is something for you – a screening of your home with concrete advice and proposed measures. Of course all info gathered in one place – your home´s ID at House:ID.
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New - Automatic digital valuation every month!

In an uncertain housing market, it can be nice to always be aware of the valuation of the home. Now you can do it without having to lift a finger. Well, you need to go into the House:ID app and there you see the latest valuation of your home and how it has developed over time.


Safety above all

House:ID verifies ownership of the property with owner records using BankID. This way, no unauthorized person will enter your account, or even create a fake one. Of course everything is saved on secure servers, in the so-called “cloud”, and that with high integrity. House:ID also separates your personal information from the information that belongs to the property and will be beneficial to generations of owners past you. Future owners just have to connect verify ownership to get full access to that information, meanwhile you bring your personal information to your next property. A perfect handover when you choose to leave your home. A smooth move onwards for you.

Home Third

We do the job automatically - You compare easily

Scan (EAN, E-number, Product number, Product name). Search (for Brand, Product Name, Category, etc.). Or you, your craftsman or any other partner of your choice can email your information to your property ID’s unique e-mail all prepared to be directed to the right room, product or category of documents of choice. All at your convenience when you need help from it.


4 million products, blue prints, property valuation, protocols, certificates etc. to download

You should do as little job as possible. That is why we are connected to banks, insurance companies and our partners in real estate, energy inspection, construction, paint trade and retailers. All this so that you can download information on products from, for example, well-known brands such as Siemens, SMEG, Nibe, Beckers, Murrikka, Samsung, FM Mattsson, and many, many more. You can automatically retrieve information on over 4 million products.

Don’t miss the automatically updated valuation on your property. Every month you get an update to your ID without you lifting a finger. Not even to see the development over time in the value graph.

Magically easy to take care of your home

Do not ever be insecure with which accessory fits your product, which color code and type of paint your wall was painted with last time. House:ID digitizes the information that is retrieved at your request or created by you, to your property ID in order for you to be able to find help in the right way, with the right information whenever you need it. Enjoy the benefits of maintenance plans or good To-Do tasks to care for your property and products in the proper manner to have a continuous good standard on your housing. These and many more tools are all free for you to use.

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Earn bonus points by showing your property some love

House:ID is about maximizing the benefits of owning a home while working to eliminate the disadvantages. Therefore, there is a bonus system that gives you points for every receipt you save, every activity you do to maintain the standard of your home and every addition you make to your home and property. Simply everything you do to take care of your investment and develop your home to get the best possible value development. Our aim is to help.


Inspiration, tips, guides and advice

Relax for a while meanwhile you deep dive into inspiration and advice from articles, tips, guides and advice, on how to develop your home. Everything is done in collaboration with professionals and experts that you recognize. For you to feel in control and fully aware all content is always clearly marked from who the content stems.

Home Eight

Pay it forward - Not just easy for you...

Meanwhile you are in full control having retrieved information about the products and services, the warranties, the receipts, the photos, the blueprints and much more, you are also preparing the perfect handover to your homes next owner. A welcome signed love.

Premium adds an extra boost

House:ID is free for all homeowners and so it should be. But there are also Premium services that give you an extra gear with more smart and practical benefits. With our premium service, you get full access to all our functions and you can feel confident that you get the most out of House:ID.

  • Access to unlimited numbers of properties you own
  • Automatic and free retrieval of information from all payment sources
  • Double bonus points on activities
  • Unlimited, almost infinite storage space
  • Invite unlimited number of people

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