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All information about your home in one place

With the app House:ID you collect all information about your home in one place. Information from e.g. banks, municipalities, land surveyors and insurance companies is automatically retrieved. You can easily add receipts, products and documents manually by scanning, emailing or photographing. You also get smart suggestions on what information you may need, missing and should keep an eye on. Now you don’t risk forgetting the color code, the model name of the refrigerator or the dimensions of the room and you have instructions for use, guarantees and protocols in a safe and easy place – priceless information the day you need it.

Get full control of your housing finances

Do you know how much you have invested in your home? How much does the home cost per month or how much can you deduct if you intend to sell? How much are you paying for your mortgage and insurance? When can you negotiate and what are your terms? The questions are many and by downloading information automatically, and registering a receipt on your property ID, you get full control over all parts of your housing finances. Everything, always close at hand.

Follow your home's value development

When the property market is uncertain, it can be nice to keep track of the home’s valuation. Now you can do it without having to lift a finger. Well, you need to go into the House:ID app and request a value indication, but then you can sit on the couch and follow the progress month by month.

Proper maintenance when needed

Maintenance is a big part of home ownership and it’s not always easy to know and keep track of everything. Therefore, here you can create your own “To do list”, with your own tasks but you can also choose from the recommended tasks. You will then also receive a description of how to tackle the task and you can easily search our library for eg roofs, facades, foundations, gutters, water locks. If you estimate the cost of the data, an estimated budget is created which you can easily follow up with results by connecting the receipt.

Create a timeline for your homes

Would it be good to have full control of your home’s history in an overview? Would you like to be able to see everything that happened in your home over time? When was the bathroom renovated? When were the drains cleaned? When was the washing machine replaced. Now you can create it –  so you have it forever! In the event of a sale, you give the new owner an invaluable added value! Of course, the receipt, pictures, product info etc. are linked. to each event.

Expert help always close at hand

Do you need help installing new white goods, ordering an energy analysis of your home or coloring, or handyman help? Expert help for big and small should be easy to find and safe to choose, so you will find this and a little more just a click away, in the app. Of course, you can also add your own experts and the craftsmen who have helped you, or previous owners.

Next owner, go ahead! Safe and smooth!

House:ID is like two Lego bricks, one with your personal information and one with the home’s. On the day you sell your home, you can easily transfer information to the new owner. The personal information comes with you to your new home and you leave information connected to the home to the new owners. House:ID always matches the ownership of the home via BankID, which means that no unauthorized person can access your account. Everything is also saved on secured servers, in the so-called “cloud”.

Free - but premium gives you an extra gear

House:ID is free for all home owners and that’s how it should be. But there are also Premium services that give you an extra gear with more smart and practical benefits. With our premium service, you get full access to all our functions and you can feel sure that you are getting the most out of House:ID.

  • Access to all homes you own
  • Automatic and free downloads of information from all payment sources
  • Double bonus points
  • Unlimited, near-infinite storage space
  • Invite unlimited people
  • Unlimited number of exports of information

Ready to download?

The app that makes it easy to own and take care of your home

Frequently asked questions

Is House:ID really free?

We think it is a right to have access to one’s home. Probably the biggest investment of your life that you need to take care of and develop in order to get the value development you desire. Therefore, a property ID is always free.

In addition to the free version, there is also an option for a Premium version for you who e.g. have several homes, want to invite others to your property ID, retrieve information automatically from all sources and more.

Can't find or verify my home?

BankID verification against owner registers and authorities is a security for you and us, that the right person has access to the home. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to verify which can have various reasons, some of the most common being that; your condominium association has not registered all the information in the registers we are connected to or that you have recently moved and the land surveyor has a rather long lead time before the information takes effect. But contact us either via the app or email and we will be happy to help you.

Can I use House:ID even if I don't own my home?

Of course, you can use House:ID even if you rent your home, we call it unverified housing. The views are a little different and completely focused on the personal layer of House:ID, i.e. what you move with you between residences. can also be a good option if you plan to move soon and want to be well prepared.

I have several homes, do I have to have two accounts then?

Of course not, you can collect all the information in one and the same account. If you want two, however, you must have a premium subscription.

Can I end my account whenever I want?

Of course! You own all the data and information in your account and, in addition to deleting individual parts, you can also delete the entire account yourself inside the app.

Can I email information to my residence ID?

Yes you can! Each home has its own inbox, which means that you can easily email in documents, receipts, etc. that you want to save. You will receive a notification as soon as something arrives in your inbox. A reason to allow notifications! 😉

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