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About House:ID

Almost 100% of homeowners in Sweden say they do not have full control of their home and its contents as well as documentation, i.e. that you would like the support you get in a tenancy but the freedom to own. What if we could eliminate the barrier to control, turn information into support in ownership and do it together with the partners you as a homeowner have chosen to invest your money with? What if we create an ID for your home? A House: ID where all information is collected in one place automatically, where all information is easily accessible and ready to help you as an owner, where no information disappears between owners and everything is securely documented forever.

Welcome to House: ID, an app that helps all owners over the entire life of the home.

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The team before the ego creates added value for everyone around the home, not least the owner.

Do you know how many different suppliers you have for your home? Everyone wants your attention because they do not really know when you need their help. But if they work together with you and your other suppliers, it will be calmer for both you and them. With a long background in ice hockey and handball, it is natural to think more “the team than the ego”. Pontus and Mikael came across each other over 10 years ago and have worked with digitization and e-commerce together since then. When one is a little lazier than the other at home (read Mikael), they began to create the concept that makes it easier to be lazy at home and still be a fantastic homeowner. They created House: ID to help owners and homes feel secure that everything is ready to help when I or the home needs help. Nothing should be further away than a fingerprint.

This is what House: ID help you with ...

Magically easy to have 100% control of your home

Feel the security of having 100% control of everything related to your home. Warranty certificates, receipts, finding spare parts, what color code the room is painted with and everything else you should not have to think about every day, but need sometimes.

The information is retrieved AutoMagically!

Scan or search for products you have purchased. AutoMagically, all information available about that product is retrieved to your House: ID, e.g. instruction manuals, care instructions, spare parts, product information and everything else you may need in the future.

2 million products, drawings, protocols etc.

House: ID is linked to banks, insurance companies and our partners in real estate, energy inspection, construction, paint trade and house manufacturers. This makes it easy for you to retrieve information about most things related to your home.

High security, a security when selling.

House: ID matches your ownership of the home with BankID, this to verify the right owner for the right home and thus the right HusID. When you have bought a home and become a verified owner, your personal information about products you move with is immediately linked to the information on the home's HusID. The previous owner no longer has access. Safe and easy.

Superpowers for the lazy homeowner

Do not forget what you need to do. Take advantage of maintenance plans, good-to-do tasks, plan for investments. All tools are free to use. You decide what advice you want. And you - it is possible to snooze information about the weather is too nice😉

Take care of your home and earn bonus points

Imagine receiving praise for everything you do at home (eg save a receipt, oil the wooden deck, download information, etc.). You get it in House: ID. You get points for many activities you do in the app and for the home. Points that you can then use with our partners.

Inspiration, tips guides and advice from experts!

We are not the experts. Instead, you can in peace and quiet choose to be inspired and get advice from those who know their stuff. Imagine having all the experts at your fingertips. Is it a feeling of power😅

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