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Do you want to help and be there for Sweden's homeowners?

House:ID gives homeowners full control of their home while the service makes it easier to continuously take care of, maintain and renew the home. House:ID makes it easy to create and maintain relationships that provide recurring benefits.

Does your company want to offer your services, products or expertise on the homeowner’s terms, be available where and when the need arises and offer the valuable help that homeowners often need from a professional company, professional or authority?

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As a business partner of House:ID, we share the common goal of helping homeowners regarding housing when the homeowner needs help, large and small.

House:ID is designed to make it easy for you as an expert in your field to be available and thereby create value and maintain a relationship with all home owners over time, regardless of whether your company offers services, products or expertise.

Contact us for more details on how your company can become the homeowner’s best friend.

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